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3D Printing designed for Education


YSoft be3D eDee is a 3D printing solution that combines a fast 3D printer with easy-to-use features to create a unique hands-on, immersive learning experience.


  • The solution includes:
  • Fully enclosed 3D printer
  • DeeControl 3D layering software
  • YSoft SafeQ® 3D Print Management software
  • be3D Academy online 3D lesson plans
  • Certified filament and accessories


Simple to use

Mastering 3D printing requires no additional skills other than typical computer use. eDee’s intelligent software provides step-by-step instruction and provides alerts and previews. It has never been easier to bring one’s ideas to life through 3D models.


BE3D Academy

be3D Academy is an online collection of 3D lesson plans designed to make it easy to teach in 3D. 3D lesson plans are teacher-tested projects that use 3D printing to bring the subject matter to life. Each 3D lesson plan offers educators a variety of tools including 3D model files, videos, student worksheets, and presentations in order to introduce the project to students. Each lesson indicates the science, technology, engineering, mathematics or design concepts that the project explores. be3D Academy also includes video tutorials and other 3D model files that can be printed using the eDee 3D printer.


The 3D Printer is supported by the YSoft SAFEQ Print management Suite which provides secure release, usage reports and pay to print services. Check the Education bundles available for your school.



YSoft-be3D-eDee Printer with Mod Kit

SKU: Y3DP0-003-1040
  • Free Shipping Included in the price

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