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It’s never been easier to introduce 3D printing in the classroom.


3D printing bundle for Education with YSoft BE3D eDee offers:


  • A YSoft be3D eDee printer
  • BE3D Academy - 3D lesson Plans, database and resources plues 3years exclusive access to Premium content
  • DeeControl layering software
  • YSoft SAFE 2D and 3D Print Management - 3 Licenses, 1 for 3D Printer and  2 x Embedded applications for 2D printers*
  • Beginners Kit - Glass and flexible plastic print pads, print pad care tools, 1 tissues and 5 glue sticks
  • ID Card Reader for 3D printer
  • Filaments -  Orange - 1,500gms 
  • Online 3D printing and training
  • 3 years of support with a guaranteed SLA and warranty



*YSoft SAFEQ Print management Suite provides secure access, usage reports, pay to print services The SafeQ software is embedded in 2D printers from major printer brands and is part of YSoft be3D eDee printers. YSoft SafeQ offers additional, included features for 2D printers

3D Education Bundle Offer for Small Schools

  • Free Shipping Included in the price

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