The feedback has been amazing

I'd like to send a personal thank you for all of the support we have received following the

launch of the platform last week.


The road to the launch was quite drawn out. The founding visionary, Murray Creighton, not only had the idea but had so much energy and passion for the concept of helping and supporting his local schools in New Zealand that we couldn't help but get onboard to see how we could work with him in support of the Australian schools. What followed was a trip across the pond and some heated debate on how and if we could make it work.

The idea of creating an online platform, tailored specifically for the schools in terms of the look, feel and products each school wanted to make available was a far cry from the chocolate frogs on offer when I was a student.

But why was it important for us to ensure that the schools were benefiting from the sales? As a parents to two children, we were often asked for donations to various projects that the schools were running. This was on top of the 'voluntary building contribution' that found it's way on to the semester fees. More often than not I was unable to make that financial contribution which often left me feeling quite guilty and that I was not doing my part.

Now that the kids have grown up, my daughter is now a teacher at a local Adelaide school and each year I see her invest in activities, books, crafts and even furniture for the classroom. Granted, she is able to make a claim in getting some of that back but surely there is a better way?

Fast forward 18 months, we have engaged with some of the local third party vendors who have happily jumped on board in support of this venture. We will continue to grow the platform with featured products hopefully being in a position to offer some of the iconic Adelaide brands that we have.

We would really like all schools to jump on board with this venture and encourage their staff, students and parents alike to consider purchasing from the schools own tailored online store.

If you would like to know how Brainz can support your school vision/mission then reach out to the Brainz team today on 1300 650956. Alternatively, email them on

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