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School Supply

Our Purpose

The purpose of Fundraising

Each school has a unique vision and master plan to grow and develop school infrastructure, assets and academic talent for future generations of students. Without valuable resources, schools are unable to fulfill their mission.


These strategic goals are challenging to meet with the traditional fundraising methods alone.

Non-financial outcomes of fundraising activities

Fundraising activities are great ways for organisations to raise much-needed financial support. However, they are also so much more!


The non-financial outcomes of the solution are quite possibly the most important and, usually, the most sustainable. Fundraising is also a way to build partnerships and develop community relationships. 

Informing and Educating

Our fundraising activities are also opportunities for us to inform and educate our community about the work we are doing and the part they can play in it.


At a simple level, this means sharing stories about the impact Brainz has had on our schools and our students. Our wider hope is to communicate the knowledge we have about youth development and convey the importance that everyone helping young people build up the assets that improve their future odds.

Supporting community relationships

We are proud to be a catalyst that unites these different communities and helps forge new relationships that grow beyond 2023.

The Opportunity

New Zealand

•There are 377 Secondary Schools with 282,000 students.

•There are 1,942 Primary schools with 463,000 students. (2022 figures)

Phase 1

10 Local Schools in Phase 1: The parents, old boys and girls will be invited to join the Brainz program.



Loyal Customers: Brainz vision is to deliver a loyal database of 15,000 households in YR1,

and 52,500 YR2.




Register your interest in becoming a participant

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