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Our Platform

eCommerce Stores for Schools

Does your school want to offer a range of products online? Having your own eCommerce store is a great way to add extra money to your school's bottom line. With our customisable online stores for school's, it couldn’t be much easier! 

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Brainz enables schools and their communities to make purchases from a selection of everyday products that will directly benefit the school's fundraising activites.


Whether it’s:

· Stationery

· Electronics

· iPhones & Smart Phones

· iPads

· Printers and Toners

· School Uniforms

Online Store

Using the Shopify eCommerce tool, the team at Brainz will be responsible for managing the Online Store.


Working closely with the chosen 3rd Party vendors, the Brainz team will update and make available the products each school would like to make available to their communities.


Reports are collected and summaries of spend made available to each school at the end of each month. Rebates are paid back to the school bank account.


The benefits of a customised online store include:


  • Makes it easy for parents who can now shop at any time.

  • The convenience of home delivery.

  • Products can be selected and approved by the school.

  • Access to products that may not be available in the on-campus stores.

  • Education partner institutions have an additional opportunity to earn revenue from their students’ online purchases.

The No Brainers

Generating Revenue

Our program offers school partners an ongoing income based on the value of purchases made by parents, old boys and girls in one of our retail partners in-store or online.


Receiving Revenue

Partner schools receive a monthly revenue statement, which breaks down all sales attributed to the school as well as the total amount payable. Revenue is deposited into a nominated bank account.


Student Management System integrations

The Brainz system can fully integrate with Student Management Systems. It’s  simple for families – and simple for schools.


A simple hyperlink from a schools existing intranet to the Brainz online store. Parents simply complete a form for access and happy shopping. All purchases are registered, and a rebate is paid back to the school.

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